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Microblading, Ombre/Powder Brows, or Combination Brows $650*

(*price includes the first and second sessions, see below to learn more)

Over-plucked, over-waxed brows got you down? Tired of filling in your brows every morning? Looking to save time in your daily life, while looking nearly flawless? Looking to take 10 years off of your face with a stunning full-brow look? A customized, semi-permanent Microblading solution could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Whether you’re looking to fix thinning brows or just need a little extra definition, this service can help you define shape, create an arch, cover scars or gaps, and fill in the brows of your dreams.

Microblading is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing for the eyebrows that lasts between 6-18 months. If you are looking for something more permanent, the machine method of eyebrow micropigmentation lasts 12-24 months (both methods are dependent on the clients skin type) !

What Is



Eyebrow microblading is a manual method of depositing a small amount of ink in the outer layer of the skin, reaching only the top of the dermis. The needle used in manual microblading is 3 times thinner than that used in traditional eyebrow tattooing, allowing us to create very fine, crisp hair strokes for long-lasting, stunning results. Microblading is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing. It can last up to a year and a half,  depending on skin type!

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Microblading, Ombre/Powder Brows, or Combination Brows $650*

(*price includes the first and second sessions, see below to learn more)





Your Consultation


Step One: Determining + Drawing Your Dream Brows

We start with an in-depth consultation, which can be arranged via FaceTime or in person. This step can not be skipped! You bring in pictures of your favorite eyebrows so we can discuss the beautiful, brow possibilities. We take into consideration your facial structure and current brow shape. Then, we talk about color customization using our all-natural, mineral-based, FDA-approved and USA-made pigments. Finally, I draw your custom brow shape with eyebrow pencil so you can examine and approve your new look before we begin.

Your First + Second Sessions


Step Two: Creating Your Bespoke Brows

Using a specially-made tool, I manually draw individual hairs, strand by strand into your skin, to create the predetermined brow shape. The brow area is numbed using a topical numbing agent, so you feel little to no discomfort throughout this process.

Initially, your brows will appear up to 30% darker. Not to worry, they will lighten over the course of the healing process (about 4 weeks).

Step Three: Complimentary Touch Up Session

Microblading is a two-step process determined to achieve absolutely perfect results. After your first session, we go back 8 weeks later to set the color and shape. The second session will be a shorter version of your first treatment, and it’s included in the full price of your service!

Yearly or Bi-Yearly Touch Ups


Step Four: Touch-ups

I help you achieve your dream brows, and maintain them.

I recommend a touch-up every so often to keep your brows extra-fresh. During a touch-up, you can darken your color, fill in any gaps, and even make minor changes to the original shape if so desired.

Note: Touch-Ups are only available for clients who have had their initial Microblading procedure at True Beauty Brooklyn.


Before + After