Meet Christina



Massage Therapy + Energy Work

My clients are each on their own path. They are passionate about life, and bravely curious about the beautiful unknown we all hold inside. The core commitment of my practice is helping them connect with their personal path by unearthing the secrets within.

My clients and I come together to explore their inner mysteries through a process of physical listening, feeling and exchange.I engage your unique capacities through a customized combination of services based on my understanding of your strengths and needs.

In person services include Reiki, breathwork, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, and intuitive healing. Through my active energy work and balancing treatments, we can build space and practice for individual rituals to maximize the benefits of our work together. Our practice development work can include authoring daily mantras and affirmations along with developing self-healing practices such as breathwork, meditation, and Reiki.

My training history includes:

  • Reiki initiation at Maha Rose

  • First and Second levels of Reiki Healer Training with the Dr. Usui Method

  • Shamanic Reiki training under Jonathan Hammond at Help Yourself Brooklyn

  • Massage Therapy training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

I volunteer my time providing Reiki treatments at the Center for Health and Healing in the Department of Integrative Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, Carriage Birthhouse, and local Women’s spaces.


Christina is only available on Wednesdays at True Beauty Brooklyn. Please use code TrueBeautyBrooklyn when booking an appointment using the link below.

30 Minute Healing Session: $75

60 Minute Healing Session: $135