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Holistic Facial


Our founder, Elizabeth, became an esthetician after learning about the amazing powers of natural and organic products. With the power of these ingredients, she created our signature Holistic Facial. This treatment includes products made and infused at True Beauty Brooklyn, as well as others sourced from the top biochemists in the world. Our transcendent Holistic Facial leaves your skin baby soft, smooth, and full of a healthy glow.

Holistic Facials include the following:

  • Customized Pre-Cleanse with organic, cold-pressed oils

  • Deep-Cleanse

  • Exfoliation with fruit enzymes + honey

  • Gentle Extractions

  • Facial Massage with herbal-infused, cold-pressed, organic oils

  • Finished with Actives and Serums from the world’s top biochemists

60-Minute Holistic Facial $100

90-Minute Holistic Facial $150

Holistic Detoxifying Facial


Ever heard of Manual Lymphatic Drainage? It’s all about getting your skin as clean and clear as possible.

The Lymphatic System runs parallel to our Circulatory System, picking up all the toxins too big for our Circulatory System to handle, which produces Lymph: the fluid containing all of those toxins.

While your heart helps your Circulatory System pump out the toxins it picks up, your Lymphatic System doesn’t have any help beyond gravity and osmosis. As a result, Lymph moves super slowly and collects at different “drainage” points throughout the body called lymph nodes, over half of which are found in the face and neck.

Lucky for you, Elizabeth is certified in Dr.Vodder's method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage! We incorporate this MLD treatment into our Holistic Detoxifying Facial. MLD helps drain the icky lymph from your face and neck, which actually helps detoxify the entire body so you leave fresh and clean from the inside out.

Our Holistic Detoxifying Facial includes:

  • Customized Pre-Cleanse with organic cold-pressed oils

  • Deep Cleanse

  • Exfoliation with fruit enzymes + honey

  • Gentle Extractions

  • 40 minutes of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Finished with Actives and Serums from the world’s top biochemists


90-Minute Holistic Detoxifying Facial $150

130-Minute Holistic Detoxifying Facial $190

*130-minute detox. facial includes heavy extractions.

+Add 40 mins of MLD to any advanced facial for $50

(available as add-on service only, not available as a stand alone service)