Chemical Peel Gift Certificate

Chemical Peel Gift Certificate

from 120.00

A gift certificate for 1, 3, or 5 TCA or Jessner's Peel. 

PCA Peel modified and enhanced Jessner's Peel softens the appearance of surface lines around the eyes and nasolabial folds, helps promote a clear complexion, smooths skin texture and evens skin tone. This peel is especially beneficial for oily skin. This blend combines AHA with kojic acid, with a modified Jessner's solution to address uneven skin tone from sun damage and hormonal changed. AHA and melanogensis inhibitors suppress the chain reaction responsible for the creation of new melanin. The first modified and enhanced Jessner's Peel was developed and made available to physicians in 1993 by Margaret Ancira (founder of PCA Skin).

Sensi Peel (TCA) is formulated for all skin types. It is an exceptional choice for ethnic skin or those with extremely sensitive skin types. This TCA and lactic acid solution offers skin smoothing, melanogenesis inhibition, strengthening and hydration to many who previously would not have been candidates for chemical exfoliation procedures (e.g. rosacea). 

Ultra Peel I (TCA)  is a blend of TCA and lactic acid with the addition of phytohormones for plumping and hydration. It is an exceptional choice for darker skin types and mature skin. Kojic and azelaic acids act as antibacterial agents, as well as melanogenesis inhibitors. L-ascorbic acid is present for skin strengthening and brightening.

Jessner or TCA treatments $120 per treatment

{Series of 3 Jessner or TCA treatments: $350; Series of 5 Jessner or TCA treatments: $550}

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