T.B.B 100 Hour Candle

T.B.B 100 Hour Candle


True Beauty Brooklyn candles burn for 100 hours and fill your home with fresh, aromatherapuetic scents that help to clean your air, rather than cover odors.

Lavender, Fir + Grapefruit
Fresh and coniferous fir is calmed by the spice of lavender and warmth of
bergamot. A soft reminder of the great outdoors with a hint of citrus. 

Cedarwood + Lavender
Earthy and spicy with a soft, citrus top note. Cedarwood sings, while the musky spice of  lavender balances the sweetness of bergamot. Floral notes meet earth, creating a warm and calming scent that is neither too feminine, nor masculine. A very grounding and relaxing blend.

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