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Individual Eyelash Extensions


Women of all ages love lash extensions!

Individual eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your natural lashes to create a beautiful, natural, and effortless look. You know what that means? No more mascara. We apply the extensions one-by-one to each of your eyelashes, using only the highest quality lashes and adhesives, so they look and feel like your own!

Unlike many lash studios, we do not count lashes because we aim to put an extension on every available natural lash.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. Your extensions are bonded to your lashes, which have a life cycle of 60-90 days, meaning your extensions naturally fall out over time. To maintain a full lash look, we recommend a fill in every 2-3 weeks.

Choose Your Eyelash Extensions


We offer a variety of extensions with different weights and thicknesses, so we can find the perfect lash for you! All of our lashes provide a full, beautiful look without damaging your natural lash.

Our eyelash offerings include:

Silk Lashes

These beautiful, jet black lashes provide the bold look of fresh mascara without the trouble or the clumps.

Mink Lashes

These soft black lashes create a very natural, “perfect lash” for fans of the no-makeup look

Flat Lashes

These lashes are pure drama. The flattened lash type looks wider, creating epic volume without added weight.

*Flat lashes are only available to clients who have strong, healthy lashes that can hold a .15 weight.

Classic Full Lash Set: $135

Fill Pricing For Previous Clients:

2 Weeks: $60

3 Weeks: $80

4 Weeks: $100 (must have at least 40% of lashes remaining, otherwise it is considered a full set!)