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Luxury Eyelash



Individual Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lash Set $220 (up to 2.5 hours)

Volume/Hybrid Lash Set $320 (up to 3.5 hours)

Mega Volume Set $420 (up to 4.5 hours)

Fill Pricing

up to 1.5 hours (14 days for classic lash extensions) : $100

up to 2.5 hours: $200

up to 3.5 hours: $300


Women of all ages love lash extensions!

Individual eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your natural lashes to create a beautiful, natural, and effortless look. You know what that means? No more mascara. I apply the extensions one-by-one to each of your eyelashes, using only the highest quality lashes and adhesives, so they look and feel like your own!

Why We’re The Best

My luxury eyelash extension service is for those looking for the best in artistry, beauty, quality and true lash customization. Using a passport style photo provided ahead of time by the client, I assess the symmetry and balance of your face. I then take precise measurements, and assess the your face shape, hair style, as well as eye size, shape, width, and pitch. Next, I begin virtually planning your new lash look before our first meeting. This highly specialized service leaves my clients with undoubtably the perfect set of lashes to compliment their face structure, with the desired fullness, perfected curl, and lift, while keeping in mind lifestyle, and event appropriateness. The pricing of my full lash sets includes this premium 30 minute highly specialized, digital/email consultation.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. Your extensions are bonded to your lashes, which have a life cycle of 60-90 days, meaning your extensions naturally fall out over time. To maintain a full lash look, we recommend a fill in every 2-3 weeks.

Choose Your Eyelash Extensions


I offer a variety of extensions with different weights and thicknesses, so I can find the perfect lash for you! All of my lashes provide a full, beautiful look without damaging your natural lash. Please note that I do not fill clients who have not received a full set from me. Though I am happy to take new clients, it is necessary to remove your current lash set and replace it with a new one.

Classic Full Lash Set $220 (up to 2.5 hours)

{1:1} One lash extension to each of your natural lashes for a lovely mascara’d look.

Russian Volume or Hybrid Full Lash Set $320 (up to 3.5 hours)

{2:1, 3:1 } Russian Volume lashing is a specialized technique of creating customized, hand made fans of 2-3 extra light lashes per single natural lash. This technique gives a voluminous, and full look, and can be made to look natural, or more glamourous.

Russian Mega Volume Lash Set $420 (up to 4.5 hours)

{4:1- 6:1} Mega Volume lashing is a specialized technique of creating customized, hand made fans of 4 -6 extra light lashes per single natural lash. This technique gives the most voluminous, and full look. It’s for those looking to really wow at events, galas, weddings, photoshoots, or any special occasion.

Lash Removal: $20

Fill Pricing

1 hour (up to 14 days for classic lash extensions): $100

2 hours: $150

3 hours: $200

A fill with less than 30% remaining lashes is a new full set. Don’t get caught here! Book your fill appointment at the end of each appointment!