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Eyebrow Shaping + Tinting


Our eyebrow shaping and tinting services are SO much more than just a wax!

We customize each service to suit your face structure and shape, so you leave with truly beautiful brows every time. This service includes a brow wax, trim + tweeze, and special color treatment. We use vegetable based brow tint to create the perfect color for you, then apply using your choice of brow gel, wax, pencil, or powder.
As a bonus, we walk you through the service so you can recreate this look everyday on your own to keep your brows maintained in between visits. Like we said, so much more than a wax.

Tips to make your brow appointment everything that you want it to be:

If you are lost on your brow journey, welcome home! I am obsessed with brows and am here to help you grow, and maintain the brows of your dreams. But I need your absolute trust in my system (and you’re not going to like the first step).

Step 1 is to grow your brows out for at least 3 weeks prior to your first appointment. When I say grow them out, I don’t mean, “oh, let me just grab that hair here, nobody needs it.” I mean DON’T TOUCH THEM. We need to see your brows in their fullest glory to see where we can go. IE I can’t remove any hair if you don’t have any hair to remove. If today is the day that you took one step too far with your tweezer, or went to the nail salon to get your brows done against your better judgement, Dang. I’m so sorry, and I (and just about everyother woman who walks through my door) have been there! I’m here for you girl! I get your panic. But don’t book me for this month. Wait. Chances are, if you come in too soon, I’ll send you away to grow them out for a few weeks more anyway.

Step 2 Set realistic expectations for yourself. A brow tint is sort of like a dye for your eyebrow hairs. An added bonus is the “halo” of pigment that remains on your skin. It’s sort of like the dye that stains your scalp and hairs when you dye your hair at home. Because the tint is absorbed into your hair follicle (like hair dye) and your skin does not absorb it (that would be PMU or “microblading” , click the text to be redirected to that page), this “make up” effect only lasts on the skin 7 days, whereas the tint remains on your hair for up to 6 weeks. When you add a “shape” to the tint, I am working my magic so that the brow hair, and the tinted skin underneath, take on the shape and density of a perfectly made up brow. All of this is to say, I can only work with what you have. But don’t fret if you are 10 years over waxed! That’s why I have multiple brow services to suit every human’s needs, whether they have existing hair or not. If you aren’t sure if you need a more permanent solution, or a temporary solution, come in for a shaping, and we’ll talk all things brows during your service!

Eyebrow shaping  - 40 minutes & $45

Eyebrow shaping + tinting - 50 minutes & $60