Brow Muse Maria: A Blonde Powder Brow for the Bride

Before and After of blonde ombre powder brows by Elizabeth Taylor of True Beauty Brooklyn, located in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York City. Photo by Elizabeth Taylor. Powder (or Ombre) brows are a great option for women who are looking for their microbladed eyebrows to have a makeup effect. I love this technique because you can build the brow from a very light, natural brow, to a darker, heavier make up look, as seen here. This client requested a very light powder brow, with a cool color that would not be too warm for her fair, Swedish skin. At her second perfecting session, she asked for a darker, bolder brow. This powder brow collage shows my client’s natural brow, her healed light powder brow 4 months later, and the darker, bolder brow that she requested at her second session. The last picture is immediately after the second session. This technique lasts up to 3 years depending on the client’s individual skin and lifestyle factors.

All artists have muses, and I am lucky enough to have my muses trust me with their most intimate body part: their face.

Each of my girls come to me with different goals, skin types and conditions, lifestyles, and of course eye and hair color. I believe that it is my job to first listen, and then guide you to the brows that are best suited for you. Then, we work together to achieve your brow goals.

Being Swedish, Maria’s biggest concerns were finding a color that was not too warm for her fair skin, and not too dark for her blonde hair. Another focus area was to create a naturally made up brow that can be played up or down, and suitable for her career in the fashion industry. Lastly, she was getting married, back home in Sweden in a few months. AKA don’t fuck up my wedding day (ok, ok so this angel would never say anything like the last part, but I put that kind of pressure on myself because I only want to deliver the best service to you babes).

Like many of my clients, this beauty was referred to me by another brow client of mine, so I knew that she knew that she was in good hands. On the day of her first appointment, although we had already met a week prior when she came in for her consultation, I could see that she was visibly shaken, and she laughed, telling me that she was more nervous than she thought she would be.

The week before we met for about an hour to get to know one another. We chatted, and she told me about her life here in NYC, and back home in Sweden. We went over her pain points, her main concerns, and her brow goals. She told me a little bit about her job in the fashion industry, and that it’s important that she look put together every day for her career, which we all know is exhausting.

We then drew out her brow design and shape, and we both agreed that a soft, natural powder (ombre) brow would create the look that she desired. Lastly, we went over the color selection, and she again reminded me that she wanted a medium blonde (all blondes are very, very concerned with their brows not being too dark, and fair enough, I get it! You would look ridiculous with black eyebrows. Still, I always chuckle a bit to myself, because. Well. It’s literally every blonde that reminds me of this.).

After being a microblading artist, for years now, I know it is as much of an emotional as it is mental preparation for your appointment. After all, you’ve seen yourself the same way in the mirror for at least 20 years (I’m being generous). After today you will look better! Like really good plastic surgery, you won’t look like a different version of yourself, you’ll look like the most beautiful version of yourself. But the most beautiful version of yourself is different than what you’re used to seeing, and I encourage you to prepare yourself for that.

Even though we went over every step, of the process and I answered every question that she could think of, like most girls, I could see on Maria’s face that reality was setting in: she was about to tattoo her face. By a near stranger. I saw in her eyes all of the questions and fears that would be running through mine, ‘ wait a second! I don’t even know this girl! What if all of those certifications are fake! What’s her name again? Elizabeth Taylor?! Now that I think about it, that seems fake and made up!’

Whenever I see that a client is extra nervous, I am always sure to walk through the procedure super slowly with them. I will build the density of one brow until I can see what the healed color will look like, and then show them. At this point, when they first see the beginning of the new version fo them, and I can see their eyes shift from nervous, to wide with excitement thinking MY GOD, THE NEW ME IS GORGEOUS!!! we can begin to move quickly through the rest of the procedure, and she is usually napping by the time we’re done.

Although her brows healed into a beautiful ultra-soft blonde after her first session, and she was an effortlessly beautiful bride, like almost all of my girls, for her second session, we wanted to go bolder, and darker. These are her stunning results.

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