Lash Extensions

Luxurious, beautiful + natural looking individual eyelash extensions offered at an affordable price.

Individual eyelash extensions lengthen and thicken your own natural eyelashes. They are applied one by one to each of your individual eyelashes for a beautiful, natural, and effortless look, eliminating the need to wear mascara. Women of all ages love lash extensions! Wake up gorgeous everyday and save time on your daily beauty routine with fuller, longer and thicker lashes that look and feel like your own! 

Eyelash extensions are semi permanent. They are are bonded to your natural eyelashes, however our natural lashes have a life cycle of 60-90 days. During this time, your lash extensions will fall out with your natural lashes. To maintain a full lash look, it is recommended to come for a fill in every 2-3 weeks.

I only use the highest quality lashes and medical grade adhesives. For those with eye sensitivities, or who want the strongest adhesive on the market (vacationers or those that are very active) , I recommend coming in for a patch test 48 hours before your first appointment.

I offer two types of lashes. My synthetic silk lashes are jet black and give a beautiful, bold, freshly mascara'd look. My synthetic mink lashes are the most natural looking lashes. These are a softer black, and offer a very natural, "perfect lash" look. Before your appointment begins, I will take a moment to speak with you about the different lash options. 

Classic Full Set $135

(2.5 hours) ~120 Lashes Per Eye

2 week fill in: $60

3 week fill in: $80

4 week fill in: $100

Though I don't count lashes, this set is approximately 120 lashes per eye. On smaller eyes, or those with less of their own natural lashes, this is every lash lashed. On medium to large eyes, this is a beautiful, natural looking set. Lashes can be applied to mimic the look of mascara by keeping the length very close to your own, or adding additional length and drama depending on the strength of your own natural lash. We can play with the curl type, length and thickness to create a unique look that is customized for your beautiful eyes. 

Fullest Full Set $160

(3.5 hours) ~150 Lashes Per Eye

 2 week fill in: $70

3 week fill in: $90

4 week fill in: $110

Every lash lashed for those with medium to large eyes. This set can be made to look like you are wearing mascara, slightly longer than your natural length, or a more dramatic everyday look. Every single one of your individual lashes is extended for lush thickness, and the appearance of eyeliner. We can play with the curl type, length and thickness to create a unique look that is customized for your beautiful eyes.

Before beginning, I take time to speak with each of my clients to speak in detail about which lash look fits their personality and style.


Can I still wear eye make up?

Yes, but you won't need to! Say goodbye to running, streaking and flaking mascara--especially in this New York City heat! You can still wear eyeliner and eyeshadow, so long as it isn't liquid, waterproof or oil based. Oil breaks down the adhesive, compromising the bond of your lash extensions. 


What material are your lashes made out of?

Our lash extensions are made out of synthetic mink. 


Can I swim and get my lashes wet?

Absolutely! For the first 2 hours after your lash treatment, do not allow water to contact lashes. For two days after your lash treatment, do not steam face, take a steam bath, swim, or wash face with hot water. After this initial 2 days, you can swim as usual. However, do not rub your lashes while cleansing your face. 


Can I use a lash curler?

No. Using a lash curler will break the bond between the lash extension and the natural lashes. However you will not need to curl your lashes, as your extensions will have a natural curl. When blow drying your hair, avoid using the blow dryer on your lashes, as this will compromise the curl. 


How long does the application take?

The lash application takes 2.5-4 hours depending on the fullness of the set. Come relax in our little corner of Brooklyn. Take a nap and wake up beautiful!

Please feel free to email with any other questions you may have! 

I am available for appointments 6 days a week by appointment only from 10am-10pm.

I charge 100% of the cost of the service for all no shows, and require a credit card deposit to book all appointments online. If you are having trouble booking an appointment using your card, or book over the phone, I require pre-payment of the service, which can be made via a secure email invoice, or in person at least 24 hours before your appointment.