Body Waxing

Body Waxing

My body waxing services are provided by myself, owner and licensed esthetician, Elizabeth Taylor. I hold a certification in Brazilian Bikini Waxing as well as full body waxing. I use both hard and soft wax in my treatment room, however I only use hard wax for all of my bikini waxes.

I never double dip!

When coming to True Beauty Brooklyn for a wax, for sanitary purposes please make sure that the hair on the area to be waxed is grown out, or trimmed down to the length of a grain of rice. 

Body Waxing Pricing

Lip $15                       Full Leg $65
Underarm $20            Full Leg + Bikini $90
Half Arm $30            Full Leg +French Bikini $100
Full Arm $45               Full Leg + Brazilian $110
Bikini $35                    Upper Leg $40
French Bikini $45     Lower Leg  $30
Brazilian Bikini $55